What Happens at a Homeopathy Appointment?

At the first appointment which can take up to one and a half hours, a full case history will be taken.  I will need as much information as possible about you including your current and past health issues so I can gain a clear understanding as to why you developed symptoms in the first place.

Homeopathic medicines will be given to you usually within a couple of days after I have analysed your notes and made up your prescription. The remedy with full instructions can be sent to you, or we can arrange collection. A follow up appointment approximately 4 - 6 weeks later will be arranged to assess how you have responded to the medicine and whether any changes to the prescription need to be made. This appointment takes approximately 45 minutes. Further follow-up appointments may be necessary until your general level of health and well-being is back to normal. On average 2 follow up appointments are advised.

Fees include homeopathic medicines and unlimited phone contact / email support throughout the treatment. Sometimes I do suggest a tincture or cream for additional support for which there is an extra charge.

Payment can be cash, cheque or via online banking if paid in advance. Unfortunately I don't accept card payments.

Some private insurance companies cover homeopathy in which case I can provide you with a receipt for your treatment. 




£70 - Initial Homeopathic Consultation (1 hour)
£46 – Follow-up Consultation  (45 mins approx.)

Child (up to 18 years)
£50 – Initial Homeopathic Consultation (50 mins)
£43 – Follow-up Consultation  (45 mins )

Infants under 1
£45 – Initial Consultation (45 mins)
£40 – Follow-up Consultation (40mins)

Acute Consultations (over the phone or face to face)
£ 25 - (20 mins)

Repeat prescriptions without consultation 

There is an additional small charge for bottled tinctures if prescribed.  


What Happens at a Food Intolerance Test

This appointment can take up to an hour. After discussing your general health and any symptoms you might be experiencing I will carry out the testing as described on the Food Intolerance page. At the end of the consultation you will be given a list of any identified substances that could be causing you a problem.  
I may also prescribe a homeopathic remedy if appropriate.



Child over the age of 10 and up to 16 years 

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